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Calvin Klein Boxers|underwear Outlet Online UK London Sale For Ladies|Boys|Men

In addition to protecting a woman's underwear calvin klein vulva role, more of a sexual temptation, and men's underwear is to "lifeline" to wear a helmet, is the "little brother" in the last calvin klein boxers line of defense. Men's underwear styles on the market vary, the men work together to learn how to calvin klein boxers outlet pick their own.

A more common style, because it's calvin klein boxers cheap designed to be tightly wrapped scrotum, leading scrotum difficult to heat, perspiration, so being a part of people's exclusion. But for some people, briefs is calvin klein boxers sale their first choice, for example, men with varicocele will need to select the briefs, but it is best to mention tight crotch, so you can upgrade to the scrotum, reducing venous return of blood pressure. In addition, vigorous exercise like friends, should choose briefs, especially well designed calvin klein boys boxers sports underwear, it is the basic shape of a small triangle pants, with a pouch, also called pouch underwear, sports underwear is representatives. Three-dimensional design of the scrotum care, boosting the scrotum can completely avoid friction between the scrotum and inner thighs, penis and scrotum also with separate isolated place, excellent ventilation, the best choice for sports men.

For the crowd: thick thighs males. calvin klein boys underwear For Tuicu can choose full-height panties briefs (briefs on both sides that open directly to the upper waist or hip bone, less tied thigh). In the women's underwear design, the modification is generally high panties, make legs look slender, but men's underwear in the high starting point is not the panties sexy, but in order to take calvin klein ladies boxers into Tuicu male relative's pants loose, briefs make this part of the friends feel tight. Thick legs when a man walking friction will be greater if wearing tight pants, legs easily thigh blood circulation worse, affecting scrotal temperature and humidity, and the choice of high panties briefs calvin klein ladies underwear thick legs would better protect the man's sexual function . And will not cause overheating of the friction between the legs, it will not free running and cause damage. Thick legs men sweat easily, do not choose when selecting a high cotton panties briefs, the best calvin klein london choice for the cotton content of 15% to 30%, there are some modal, silk and other fabrics, can be effectively perspiration, dry faster.

People of all ages, especially the majority of male calvin klein sale doctors advocate more male friends wearing this style of underwear. Scrotum on the outside temperature is very sensitive to the level of no subcutaneous fat and is rich in sweat glands, helps to dissipate heat. When the outside temperature is low, stimulation of smooth muscle and meat film Cremaster contraction, elevated calvin klein uk position testicles, scrotum skin is tightened into the thick folds, and perineum retraction to prevent heat helps warm. And when the outside temperature rises, smooth muscle relaxation, testicular descent, leaving the body, scrotal skin laxity, increasing the cooling area is conducive to local calvin klein outlet cooling. Scrotal temperature on spermatogenesis process greatly affected the body in the scrotum temperature lower than about 2 degrees Celsius, is the role of the seminiferous optimum temperature. Temperature is too high, there will be obstacles to the process of spermatogenesis, or even completely stopped, but will also calvin klein outlet online reduce the secretion of testosterone. Pants so loose scrotum self-regulation more comfortable, in calvin klein outlet underwear a natural state, which makes men more comfortable when sedentary, healthy.