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If you have reached these pages you are probably already aware of basic Woolly Thoughts methods and may have attended a workshop intended to start you off designing for yourself. You can find more information in

Woolly Thoughts - available on Amazon

Second Thoughts - available only in pdf version

We never give conventional instructions for making a garment but hope to give you enough information for you to adapt and interpret our ideas in your own way.

Many of the photographs are old and definitely not of the highest quality but the stage-by-stage workings should help you with construction.

The most important thing is to forget all pre-conceived ideas of how a garment should be constructed. You do not need a back, front and two sleeves. Any shapes that will wrap around the body can create a garment.

Many of the designs can also be used as the basis for other items such as bags, cushions, shawls, and afghans.

The menu on the left will take you to various types of designs. This menu can also be found in a drop-down box on the top of every page. The Gallery page has photos that lead you to the same pages.

The arrows at the top will take you through the pages in the order they appear in the list (which may not be a completely logical order, depending on your requirements).