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The yarns used here were both DK thickness. One was plain black; the other a variegated yarn with a black strand throughout. The rich colours ranged through many shades of red, pink and orange.

Variegated yarns are ideal for designs like this. It creates interesting effects where squares join together.

The half squares that can be seen in this photo continued over the shoulders and included the shaping for the neck.

Eternity Squares

This sweater was made entirely from oddments of grey Double Knitting yarn. The yarn was sorted into two piles, one light, one dark. Some yarns could have gone into either pile. Lengths from each pile were then randomly tied together to make two large balls.

TIP Look at the piles of yarn with half-closed eyes to see whether anything is obviously out of place.

To avoid any shaping in the largest square the shoulder part of the sweater was completed with a yoke of the dark yarn.

The back of the sweater is similar to the front. There was more dark yarn than light so the sleeves were knitted in garter stitch using the dark yarn.

This jacket is basically the same as the red jacket above. This was another variegated yarn, which was slightly fluffy, and a black, slightly boucle yarn. Both were approximately Double Knitting thickness.

There is no edging on the squares here.

The photograph shows the positioning of the shoulder squares, and neck shaping, more clearly.

The completed squares are the same size as those above but the starting square is larger, and there are three colours

These baby jackets are exactly alike, except for the colours. They have one large square for the back, half squares for the fronts and half squares for the sleeves.

There is no shaping in the sleeves. They are pulled in by the bands at the bottom.

Changing the size of the starting square, or changing the order of the colours, can make the design look very different.

Squares can also be staggered to add a zigzag effect.

See Woolly Thoughts Pages 92 and 93 for more information