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All of the designs on this page are made from plain diagonally knitted squares. In many cases the yarns do all the colour work for you.

This was the first ever Woolly Thoughts jacket. It was made entirely from bits of yarn left over from other projects. All of the yarns were very pale. Lengths were tied together randomly and the squares were knitted diagonally.

Oddments of white yarn were used to edge the squares. Another white yarn was used to add all the cuffs, bands and edgings.

This jacket is very similar to the pastel jacket above. The changes of colour are due to the yarn used. The squares were a textured variegated yarn and edged with a toning smooth yarn.

This zipper jacket was made from plain diagonally-knitted squares. Each square used a different cream or natural-coloured cotton, linen, or mixture yarn.

One of many baby cardigans made to prove that the methods work at any size.

These squares have been knitted the same way but have been turned on their points.

The 'yarns' range from fine silky 4 ply to lace, shredded kite fabric and net. A few of the squares are velvet and cord fabrics.

Note that some squares now wrap from back to front. There is no distinct side seam.

Small squares, standing on their points, in eleven shades of grey Double Knitting yarn.

See Woolly Thoughts Pages 84-87 for more information