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Waistcoats with sleeves

These jackets are very similar to waistcoats in construction, with the addition of sleeves.

This piece was started at the centre back with increases at each side until the piece is long enough to wrap round and meet at centre front.

A variegated yarn was used, with subsequent pieces using separate balls started at the same place in the colour changes.

The sides wrap round to meet at the front.

Using two new balls of yarn, the two fronts were added.

This shows the front when the pieces are folded over.

Sleeves were added.

The construction is very similar to a waistcoat.

The large centre square is knitted from one of its points until it is the correct width to make the back of the jacket.

Divide the number of stitches on the diagonal of the square by 1.4, then pick up that number of stitches along one edge of the square. Knit one side straight and decrease at the other. Complete the other side to match

Pick up one stitch from each ridge end, for the front. Knit straight at one side, decrease at the other.

Add two more squares to form the shoulders and upper sleeves.

Complete sleeves with contrast colour.

Start at centre back and increase until the shoulder level is reached. Divide for the neck and continue separately on the two halves, carefully matching any stripes. Shape a hole for the neck and decrease at the outer edge until all stitches are worked off.

The folded square looks like this.

The rest of the construction is very like the jacket above. It is possible to make side triangles that join back and front simultaneously but you may prefer to make them flat and stitch the remaining seam.

The back view of the jacket.

The large square was edged in blue before the dark sections were added. It would probably have been better to make the square slightly smaller so that the blue is not distorted by being pulled into the underarm area.

See Second Thoughts Pages 78 - 83 for more information