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These are called Irrationals because the proportions of the shapes rely on irrational numbers. Irrational numbers are those where the number of decimal places never ends and shows no pattern; consequently calculations do not give exact answers. It is not possible to make shapes of a size where they will fit together exactly to make the body of a sweater. However, the discrepancy is small and knitting is very forgiving so the pieces do appear to match.

I knitted three versions and drew many more, some of which are shown here. The drawings below show how the placement of colours can change the overall effect.


The shapes at the side wrap round from front to back so there are no side seams in the traditional way.

It is not possible to make the colours match correctly at all points in this design. The mis-matched flowers are placed under the arms so that it is not noticeable that some flowers have more ‘petals’ than others.