Back to Back

International Back to Back Wool Challenge


Guinness World Record Attempt


As in previous years, three cameras were used to film the event. Footage from the three recordings has been merged to show the main parts of the event. You will notice the difference in quality in some places. One camera shows the time, in red, in the corner, which would have been used as evidence had the Guinness record been broken.

0h 00m 00s

First cut made

0h 00m 30s

First person spinning

0h 01m 24s

Six people spinning

0h 05m 20s

Plying begins

0h 07m 08s

Cast on for front

0h 12m 21s

Cast on for back

1h 01m 23s

Cast on for first sleeve

1h 23m 30s

Cast on second sleeve

4h 15m 16s

First sleeve finished

5h 01m 50s

Second sleeve finished

5h 10m 13s

Front finished

5h 22m 30s

Back finished

5h 26m 31s


Team Groenwoud keep their title as Champions and set more new records for Netherlands and Mainland Europe.

The Guinness World Record was not beaten and still stands at 4 hours 51 minutes 14 seconds.