Back to Back

International Back to Back Wool Challenge


Guinness World Record Attempt


The Venue

The event again took place at Pension Groenewoud, Swalmen. The venue can be seen in the 2012 photographs.

The Sheep

The sheep are Swifters belonging to farmer Ton Dings. 12 sheep were brought to the venue. Albert (Shearer) and Elske  (Juror) chose the best for the record attempt. Several other sheep were also shorn later on the day.

Team Photos

The team were photographed, with last year’s sweater and trophy, in front of sponsors’ banners. The sponsors were:

and several local businesses

Ready to Begin

The weather was cold. This slows down the spinning so it was decided the event should be indoors.

This was better for the spinners and knitters but rather dark to get clear photographs.

The Event

Guinness World Record attempt and Back to Back Challenge

More Sheep

The chosen sheep was number 52.

A few other sheep were shorn later, using electric shears. There wasn’t enough time to shear them all as Albert spent much of the day preparing the fleece for the spinners.