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A circle but not a circle! This two-colour spiral only becomes a circle when you get to the end.

It would be very difficult to knit this ever-widening spiral in a completely accurate mathematical way. It relies on the flexibility of the knitting to smooth out the averaging of the calculations.

The cushion version is approximately 16” (40 cm) wide. I knitted it to use up the yarn I had left over from the afghan.

There are no specific instructions for the cushion but it can be made using the rules given for varying the size of the afghan.
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Spinning a Yarn


Knitted in one piece, using one yarn at a time.

Unusually, for a one-piece afghan this is a very portable project  as you only work on a few stitches at a time. I knitted the whole of mine on a pair of children’s needles. There were never more than 30 stitches on the needle.

Not recommended for a complete beginner as there is a tricky bit at the start.

This is a good project for using up a quantity of yarn. It can be made to any size to use up the available yarn. It will need blocking when it is complete so will be bigger than it first appears.

Any type of yarn can be used. Smooth yarns are recommended. Textured yarns make it difficult to see where to connect the spirals.

Unlike most of our designs, Spinning a Yarn needs blocking when complete.

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