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The inspiration for this afghan was a fifty pence coin, which is a shape of constant width. This means it is not a circle but it behaves like a circle in many circumstances.

The original shape has been split up, into more shapes based on the coin and then split further with some straight lines.

Unlike most of our designs, this afghan is not mathematically accurate and relies on distortion of the knitting to make the shapes fit together.


The construction is very simple. It is knitted in one piece, using one colour at a time. Each new colour is added by working across existing stitches.

Once you have made one shape, and understood the construction, you won’t need the pattern any more.

The afghan shown uses four colours of DK yarn but it would work in any type of yarn.

We recommend using a yarn with some wool content because the afghan has to be blocked to flatten down the centre.

Colouring it in different ways would give very different effects.
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Money Spinner

A 50p coin has seven curved sides. Draw round it and keep moving round to build up the pattern shown below

Straighten the sides  …        add some extra lines …             and colour it

or colour it differently

If you are an absolute perfectionist, you might not be happy with the slightly uneven colour joins.