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In UK we call this game Noughts and Crosses but it is known all over the world.

It is a traditional game, for two people, which is not inherently mathematical but such games help to develop logical thinking and planning strategy

Unlike other strategy games, such as draughts or chess, each game is over very quickly and requires much less concentration.

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The afghan consists of nine granny squares, which are stitched, or crocheted together.

The playing pieces are circles worked in trebles (UK definition). The crosses are five small granny squares, stitched together.


Use any yarn, in two colours, for the afghan itself. It can be made to any size.

The playing pieces are nine small cushions. Each is a circle with a cross on one side.

A cushion cover could be made to store the pieces when not in use.

This large-sized version is great fun as it can be used as an afghan or as a floor game.

Whenever we have taken this game to Maths and Science Fairs, it has been amazingly popular with the most unlikely-looking teenagers. The reaction is always the same: first they use the playing pieces as frisbees then quickly settle down to organise games and tournaments. Younger children (and adults) also love it.