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In UK we call this game Ludo. It has alternative names in other countries.

As you might guess Granny’s Ludo is basically made of crochet granny squares. It can be used as an afghan or floor game.

It is ideal for introducing to children the idea of moving forward one square for each spot on the dice.
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Granny’s Ludo


16 large and 81 small granny squares, which are stitched, or crocheted, together.

The original afghan was made in DK yarn. It can be made in any yarn but a thicker, or thinner, yarn might increase, or reduce, the size.

The colours are important. Traditionally they are red, blue, green and yellow, with a background of another colour (which is usually white).

The pattern includes instructions for circular playing pieces.
Granny’s Ludo uses a very basic mathematical skill - the ability to match the number of spots on a dice with the number of squares on the board. This is known as ‘one-to-one correlation’. It is a game primarily to be enjoyed but any child playing it should be encouraged to recognise the spots on the dice and count on a matching number of squares.

It is also of value in learning to move counters in a logical and systematic order. It may not be obvious to a small child that it is not unfair for each player to start in a different corner of the board and that it does not make any difference whether there are 2, 3, or 4 players.

Technically, the singular of ‘dice’ is ‘die’. In this game you only use one so should say ‘die’. If you are talking about two, or more, you should say ‘dice’. These days most people say ‘dice’ however many there are.

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