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Mazes look very complicated but when we first saw a picture of this one we realised it had close links with The Long and Winding Road. It was really just four triangles with stripes. The diagonal lines that join the triangles can be seen in the photograph going from the centre to the corners. It suddenly became much easier to represent these complex patterns.

Amazement is a plan of the Chevening maze. It was planted between 1818 and 1830 though it was designed much earlier by the second Earl Stanhope (1714 - 86), who was an eminent mathematician. It differs from earlier mazes because it cannot be solved by simply staying to the right (or left) throughout. In this maze that method merely leads back to the entrance. It is much easier to solve when looking at the picture than it would be walking through it.

Whenever we exhibit this large numbers of people feel compelled to trace a route with their fingers. If it is laid on the floor small children delight in running cars round the paths. These are good reasons for making afghans like these using yarns which can be washed and dried frequently.

Technically, this is probably the most difficult of our designs. It was the first where more than one ball of yarn was used at any time. Because of the breaks in the stripes going across the triangles here there are many places where there are several balls at once.