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We designed our first afghan over twenty-five years ago and have travelled a long way since then. We now have more than eighty. Many of the afghans have stories behind them related to the use of mathematics and the construction techniques.

In the following pages we have tried to collect together some information to give you an insight into how a designer’s brain works. The information has been collated from several sources, some of which have previously appeared in print. Some were well documented; others rely on vague memories.

We have attempted to tell the story in chronological order though this may not always be completely accurate. We have missed out information about all our non-afghan creations, even though these were sometimes influential in our development.

You can navigate your way through the stories in a variety of ways:

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Ravelry is a phenomenal knitting and crochet site with nearly ten million members from all round the world. This Wikipedia page explains what it is all about, or go to Ravelry.com. There is a Woolly Thoughts group with a large following.