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Here is a version of the afghan from StressKnitters, who said...

I blame this totally on a dear friend who shared the Woolly Thoughts website with me. I fell for this pattern, my daughter went for another.

It has kept me amused for most of the year. The triangles are straightforward to knit (it is all garter stitch) but there are moments when over 14 threads take on a mind of their own and you discover yourself tied down to the chair. This is not for those of you who hate hiding ends and who do not enjoy the final sewing up. A lot of this to do, but well worth it in the end.


Amazement is a plan of the Chevening maze.

The maze was planted between 1818 and 1830 though it was designed much earlier by the second Earl Stanhope (1714 - 86), who was an eminent mathematician. It differs from earlier mazes because it cannot be solved by simply staying to the right (or left) throughout. In this maze that method merely leads back to the entrance. It is known as an ‘Island Maze’.

It is much easier to solve the maze when looking at a picture than it would be walking through it.

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Two distinctive yarns are needed, one for the walls or hedges of the maze, the other for the paths. They can be any colours you like.

The instructions are written so that any weight of yarn may be used to produce an afghan of a similar size. The method may also be adapted to make a larger or smaller afghan.



Give Me A Clew

Walls of Troy

Chartes Cathedral Maze


Ely Cathedral Maze


Knitted as four striped triangles, which are stitched together. The diagonal lines that join the triangles can be seen in the photograph going from the centre to the corners.

Technically, this is probably the most difficult of our designs. We have no others where more than one ball of yarn is used at any time. Because of the breaks in the stripes going across the triangles here there are many places where there are several balls at once.

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