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An optical illusion afghan or wall-hanging.

The name comes from a quote by Albert Einstein:

The mere formulation of a problem is far more often essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill. To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle requires creative imagination and marks real advances in science

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A New Angle


The choice of colours is important for the effect to work. One colour must look as though it is a ‘shadow’ of the other.

The third yarn can be any light, bright colour that looks as though it could have light shining through it.

Any type of yarn can be used.





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The squares are knitted individually and stitched together.

The coloured centre of each piece is worked as a mitred square. The two sides are worked separately but are linked together as they are knitted.

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The version in the photos is only about one metre square. If you want to make it bigger, the pattern gives instructions for changing the overall size in a variety of ways. It also gives several variations of the design

This afghan was knitted by Karen Basen-Engquist in Houston, TX.

I liked the pattern - it was a good project to take with me when I travel, because I could just take a few squares. I made it for my nephew’s high school graduation. It seemed like it would make a good dorm room afghan. I wanted to do it in his school colors, but he took too long to decide, so I went with the white and gray - am very glad I did, as I think it turned out well.



KellyK made this colourful version as a baby blanket. These are the notes from her Ravelry project:  

12/18 I’m trying working the blanket backwards, CO 72 with 2 main colors and decreasing in the middle every other row, while also doing an intarsia crossover.

12/19 My plan was only good in theory. Intarsia in garter st looks odd where the colors meet. Creates a crooked line. So, Im being a good girl and following directions. :)

I am finding it useful to twist the picked-up edge stitch on the darker color. I insert my L needle from the back of the work, then knit into the front of that stitch. It creates a tighter join and looks neat.

1/16 Finished the last of the 25 blocks. Almost 1 month, although modular knitting always feels like it goes by faster for me. Will start picking up for the edging tomorrow!