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This afghan measures exactly one square metre. It is the size of an A0 piece of paper.

If you are in US or Canada you may not be aware of the magical properties of metric sized paper. Regardless of what size paper you begin with, folding a sheet of paper gives you another rectangle exactly the same shape as the original but with half the area. The standard size of paper for everyday use is called A4.

Multiply the length of the short side by the square root of 2 (approximately 1.4) and you get the length of the other side.

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Unlike most of our afghan designs, AO needs to be worked to a specific tension (gauge) to get the correct size. If you would like to re-create the design but are not worried about the exact size, you can use any yarn of your choice.

The pattern includes several variations, including one in eight colours



Data Log


The design shown in the main photo is worked in four pieces, which are stitched together.

They are knitted using ‘log cabin’ technique.

A standard metric sheet of paper is known as A4 size and measures 210 mm x 297 mm.

If you put two pieces of this paper side by side, you get A3 size, which measures 297mm x 420 mm. Two of those side by side make A2. Double that and you get A1. Double again to get A0.

This afghan is the same size as an A0 piece of paper, and all the sizes mentioned above (and more) can be found in the design. The paper is usually referred to as ‘A Nought’. We have corrupted the title so you might think of it by its proper name or as Ay-Oh.

This photograph shows a sheet of A3 paper covering a rectangle at lower left, a sheet of A4 at top left and two sheets of A4 with one of A3 covering upper right.

One of the practical advantages of metric paper sizing is that fewer envelope sizes are needed. Any size of paper can be folded in half,

half again, etc. to fit in any envelope.

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