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A crochet representation of the Chartres ‘Chemin de Jerusalem’ pavement maze.

Technically, this is a labyrinth as it has only one path, with no loops or dead-ends.

It basically consists of twelve concentric circles although it is known as an eleven ring maze from the number of paths.

The path is exactly the same as that of Walls of Troy. Only the background shape is different.

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Chartres Cathedral Maze


This can be made using any yarn and hook. The yarn chosen will determine the finished size.

The instructions contain information for modifying the size in other ways.

Instructions for Walls of Troy are included in the same pattern booklet.



Give Me A Clew

Walls of Troy



Ely Cathedral Maze


The circular background is made first, working outwards from the centre. The walls are added afterwards.

The background is a simple circle of treble crochet (UK definition). The walls are added by surface crochet.

The pavement labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, France, was built around 1235. It is 12.9 metres (42.3 ft.) in diameter and fills the width of the nave. It represents the path of life and the recent journeys of the Crusaders. Reaching the centre symbolised reaching both Jerusalem and salvation.

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Norma made this version of the Chartres maze. She sent the following report:

I used worsted weight acrylic yarn. It's a tad poofy in the middle because I was well into it before I remembered reading somewhere that a UK "treble crochet" is a US "double crochet" (yarn over, pull up a loop, pull through two loops at a time). US treble crochet is actually a bit airy for an afghan, so the end result is a bit lacier than is really practical...ah, well. It certainly went together faster in US treble!

I wanted the edging to look like the lunettes around the Chartre labyrinth. I ended up using repeats of (treble crochet, double crochet, single crochet, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, chain one) around and it worked out perfectly. The first row of royal blue is worked in the opposite direction around the circle, adding a stitch in every seventh.