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This was based on the idea of a Fraction Wall, which we have often used in school.

Drawing a fraction wall is a good exercise in accurate measurement and drawing, and it teaches about how various fractions match up.

The afghan was not a success,consequently there is no pattern available.

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Wall Chart



Equal Parts


Made in one piece, using one yarn at a time.


This was intended to have ten colours but I omitted the final band.


There is no pattern

for this afghan

There were two surprising things about this. The first was that I didn’t think of it before. The second was that it didn’t work.


I have drawn fraction walls hundred of times, in school, and can’t believe I never thought of a knit or crochet version.

It worked mathematically but not artistically. The yarns let me down.

I used nine ordinary, similar, yarns but they worked up very differently. Each stripe had the same number of rows of crochet but they came out at very varying widths. If you look closely at the photo you will see that some stripes are narrower than others. I changed hook for some of them to try to compensate.

It didn’t help that I was trying to make it as firm as possible. That didn’t leave much scope for forcing into shape. I had to beat it into submission to take the photo. It looks OK lying on the floor but I can’t hang it and turn my back on it as I know it will revert to its former state.

It is intended to show how different fractions match up. I might make it again one day (though I doubt it as I rarely return to a project). If I do it will be in one colour. I will omit the shading for the bricks and let the vertical lines create the effect. I still think it would work well as an afghan by widening the stripes to give the required size.

It was originally intended to have ten stripes but, when I got bored and frustrated with it, I decided the tenth was unnecessary.