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Another optical illusion from simple geometric shapes. Do you see holes between two twisting ribbons? What colour are the holes? Or are there three ribbons?

Intertwining columns of hexagons create this interesting optical illusion afghan. Depending on the colours chose, you may see different effects.

Hexagons are shapes with six sides.  We are very used to seeing regular hexagons, which fit together to form a honeycomb  shape. Regular hexagons have six equal sides and six equal angles. Semi-regular shapes either have all angles equal or all sides equal. The shapes used in this afghan have six equal sides, but not all equal angles, so they are semi-regular hexagons.

My hexagons were designed to have they have another special property - the narrowest width of the hexagon is the same as the length of the sides. The entire shape could be made from a square with an equilateral triangle on each end.

It is difficult to get the shapes mathematically perfect in all respects but the flexibility of the knitting means that they can be accurately joined and the afghan will lie flat without any blocking.

These hexagons can be joined in other ways to create different designs. They will all cover the surface without leaving any gaps.