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Anamorphism can become addictive!

We decided to have another go, this time creating a semi-circle so it can become a shawl. The pattern includes instructions for making a complete circle but we have never actually made one ourselves.

As with our previous anamorphic design, this is based on one of our own geometric designs. We used Double Base, which is a representation of binary numbers. The drawing for Double Base, which was used as the input in the morphing program, was changed slightly so that it has twice as many sections in the first ‘column’ as the original afghan had. This means that the innermost ring has 64 sections, not 32. I don’t clearly remember the reason for this but would guess it was  so that the blocks of colour could be smaller throughout and still give the overall size we wanted.

Much of the fun of these unusual designs is to find an interesting, but simple, construction method. As with so many of our designs only one yarn is in use at a time and the yarns are used alternately. There are never more than 21 stitches on the needle at any time.